Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bad Lighting and Healthy Food

Today has been a nice, relaxing Saturday. I slept in then took a nap, caught up with my cousin on the phone, took the dogs for a ride to Harbor Freight for some painting supplies, and worked on my latest mosaic project. All of this activity has made me work up an appetite, so I decided to make a healthy dinner of baked cod with broccoli, carrots and sauteed mushrooms on the side.

Although my intentions were good, my cooking skills...not so much. The veggies came out great. I didn't even have to smother them in butter. But I really don't know what in the begeezus I did to the fish. All I did was brush a little olive oil on it and season it with a little sea salt and pepper and broil it for about 15 minutes. Apparently that is the perfect recipe for rubberized fish.

I can't remember ever having cod before that wasn't chopped up and turned into a fish stick, so for all I know this is the way it's supposed to be. If that's the case, I can guarantee I will never be having it again! I was hoping it would be nice and flaky and delicious, not hard, chewy and tasteless. I'm thinking that I probably cooked it too long but fish kind of freaks me out so I wanted to make sure it was nice and done (although I love sushi... go figure). I think next time I will try a sauce or something to cook it in because the way I made it plus an additional squirt of lemon juice just didn't cut it.

Oh well, I tried. I still did my one thing today that was good for me by choosing to eat healthy. And the good (meaning bad) news is that I have leftovers for tomorrow. Yippee! Can't wait!

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