Monday, January 7, 2013

I Should Have Served Cheese with that Whine.

Wow, apparently I was in a funk yesterday when I wrote that post. The good news is that after it posted, I cranked up some happy tunes, grabbed my paint roller and painted the hallway while dancing around, causing three dogs to stare at me as if I had lost my mind. That's okay though, it's not the first time they've looked at me like that. Not only did I finish the entire hallway, I also put 3 coats of primer on the hutch I am refinishing and prepped my mosaic for grouting, which I will be doing today. It's amazing what a little music can do. I didn't play my Zumba game, but between the dancing, moving furniture, paint rolling and all the other things I did, I broke a decent sweat and my thigh muscles are burning today. That's a very good feeling.

An even better feeling, though, is being able to cross the hallway off of my to do list. Now I can hang all of the pictures that have been leaning up against random walls and stuffed in closets for the last 8 months since I moved in, and eliminate the stress I feel every time I have to step over them. Score!

PS... Today is this blog's one week anniversary and I posted ever day as promised. This is the first New Year's resolution I ever made that lasted this long. Yay!


  1. Well done, Laura. You are an inspiration. I keep checking in, so know you do have readers even if we don't comment everyday. You are very brave. I love your attitude and openness. Someday I hope to be like you.

  2. Way to go Laura! Amazing how the slightest little thing can make such a difference. Keep it up!!